Of Art and Madness and Books and Booze

I cannot say that I fully enjoyed this book. Though, to say it’s a book that should not be read would be a far more inaccurate statement. As the book cover says, Art and Madness is a “memoir of lust without reason.” It is a tale of a young woman lovesick for artists – writers in particular – men, tormented and passionate and drowning in alcohol, their lives devoted to writing gorgeous creations into the world.

Yet Anne Roiphe, our narrator and heroine, flawed as she is, is tormented as well, though not by the overconsumption of alcohol and the need for artistic immortality. She is tormented by the company she keeps and the life she lives in the literary “art scene” of the 1950s and 60s.

In essence, she is lovesick because she doesn’t even realize that it is in fact not these men she is in love with. It is art, itself.

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Something Cold and Creamy and Sweet

In the midst of work and internships and the daily hassles of life, not to mention the good ol’ Kentucky heat dripping with humidity that comes with the season of summer, it’s nice to know that there is always Thursday.

I find myself venturing all the way to downtown Louisville for the simple and pleasant joy of Gelato Cart Thursday at Proof on Main throughout the entire summer. It’s something small to look forward to, and I still get giddy with anticipation each week to find out the three select flavors concocted for the day.

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A Sexually Awkward First Post?

Making my very first blog post in what, three years now? one that discusses a book about sex is probably not the wisest nor, to many people, the classiest way to make a good first impression for the return and revamp of my lovely little creative space online. This could get awkward. Hopefully not. That’s up to you lovely adventurers out there.

Then again, this is the internet. Not exactly the classiest venue, when it comes to book reviews or anything else.

But, if you are as adventurous as I certainly hope you are and choose to follow me down the rabbit hole here, I can guarantee that my first impression will be, if anything, quite delightful, and perhaps a bit educational as well.

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