Beefcakes in the Carpathian Mountains

or, The Surprisingly Awesome Ramblings of Old Men

I never knew, or would have ever dreamed to think, that such drama could be caused by two rambling, decrepit old men. We’re talking love triangles, best friend betrayals, war, attempted murder, even some weird sexual attraction between the main character and his maid. Embers by Hungarian author Sandor Marai could well be fit for a melodramatic daytime soap opera or perhaps even a new MTV hit show. Picture it: It’s The Jersey Shore, only in the Carpathian Mountains!

Unfortunately the two characters of interest, Henrik and Konrad, are disparagingly old (they repeatedly state how they’re practically about to fall over into their graves at any moment), not quite as appealing to female audiences as the metro sexual hunkalicious male soap stars, nor as pumped as the beefcake, muscle-flaunting bros of The Jersey Shore. Thankfully (Serious. Thank GOD!)  Embers is actually very well-written, and chock-full of philosophical and intellectually stimulating goodness.

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Happiness is a Walk with Your Dog

This post is a little overdue. But alas, so is everything in my life. I do have my priorities straight, though, and the annual Kentucky Human Society Waggin’ Trail is by all means near the top of that list. The walk in support of the wonderful no-kill shelter was held on May 16 at the Waterfront Park here in Louisville. And even the clouds and rain and river mist couldn’t keep the hundreds of supporters and their puppy dogs (and even a ferret) from attending the event.

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