Happiness is a Walk with Your Dog

This post is a little overdue. But alas, so is everything in my life. I do have my priorities straight, though, and the annual Kentucky Human Society Waggin’ Trail is by all means near the top of that list. The walk in support of the wonderful no-kill shelter was held on May 16 at the Waterfront Park here in Louisville. And even the clouds and rain and river mist couldn’t keep the hundreds of supporters and their puppy dogs (and even a ferret) from attending the event.


I adore the KY Humane Society. Even before I adopted my own scruffy mutt, I supported the organization in any way that I could and still attended the Waggin’ Trail, if for no other reason than just the wonderful sight of all the people and their adored dogs come together.

It is in this sort of environment that it is evident just how much love is in the world. At the risk of sounding too sentimental or self-important, I’ve become accustomed to the unfortunate paradigm that, to most people, nothing is sacred anymore. As evident merely by the overwhelming number of homeless and mistreated animals in the world, modern-day convenience has left so many people satisfied with the fact that anything, living or not, can be easily discarded (and perhaps just as easily replaced, should that be their desire).

 But then something like the Waggin’ Trail comes along, and I get a nice squeeze of comfort and reassurance, from something as simple as the loving manner in which a person holds their dog, that yes, there really is so much goodness out there.



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