Orgasms. Orgasms Everywhere! (Of the Artsy-Fartsy Kind)

**Wrote this a month ago and forgot to post it… The orgasms are still just as strong though.**

Have you ever gotten a shock of inspiration so strong, so brilliant and beautiful that it sends your chest pounding, fills you with a fast, rosy heat, sends your brain racing with bizarre brilliant thoughts?

It fills you with such passion, such adrenaline, you lose your appetite, forget the time, halt the work you’re doing. You want nothing more than to crawl up into this inspiration, to curl up and then unravel; and flourish within it, as a part of it.

You want nothing more than to create and create, and do nothing else but create wonderful things. You don’t even know what. You need — NEED — to move your hands, to work them, to roll your fingers around something tangible when it’s in your grasp, powered by your touch.

You need to create, to ignite the world  with something of yourself and this wonderful inspiration that is now a part of you.

Demon 2

Yeah. That’s the rush of emotion and energy that elf-shot itself through me when I watched the music video for “Flesh Without Blood” by Grimes.

Or, as I originally described it, artsy-fartsy orgasms of THE MOST INTENSE kind. Seriously. Like a volcanic eruption of orgasms all over my living room. I officially deem Grimes the Hitachi Magic Wand of pop music.

Screechy Bat 2

Mmkay, so I wrote all that in a fit of passion about a week ago. I’ve since had time to chill the fangirl in me, bask in the delicious musical afterglow, and start getting myself addicted to all of Grimes’s other music. I don’t go into fangirl mode often (that side of me is usually reserved for Broadway musicals, Eric McCormick and The Lord of the Rings), but when I go, I go hard. And Grimes is definitely worth fangirling over.

MJ 2

But, for now, back to this video. “Flesh Without Blood” is a killer song all on it’s own. Upbeat, ethereal, energizing, spine-tingling, beautiful, even dancy. It’s the kind of pop song I can’t imagine anyone not liking, yet it’s far more musically unique to be compared to every other radio hit out there right now.

“Flesh Without Blood” is catchy as hell, but not in the way pop music is meant to be –in that frustrating way a refrain plays itself over and over in your head, whether you love it, or even if it’s a song you cannot stand and have only ever been forced to listen to like, two times (Yes, I’m looking at you, Taylor Swift, you bad-blooded singer, you).

It doesn’t leave you wanting more, unsatisfied that the song has come to an end. Thus you’re driven to put it endlessly on repeat because you just can’t get enough of the several minutes of sing-a-long hooks and pop-y beats used over and over in sooooo many songs.

“Flesh Without Blood” leaves you wanting more because it’s intriguing, and gorgeous, and stirs something inside you, a little sensational mixture of warmth and chill that’s so delightful, how could you not listen to this awesome song again? Kinda like an orgasm, ya know?

However, the spine-tingling thrill is partially also thanks to the music video.

Marie Antoinette 6

As someone who’s really excited by and delights in aesthetics, there is no disappointment quite comparable to that of discovering an amazing song, only to find out it is paired with a completely lackluster  or otherwise unfitting music video.

For example, “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem,  “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga, and “Minority” by Green Day. Argue with me about it in the comments, if you will.

Screechy Bat 1

Everyone will feel differently on the matter, but in my opinion music videos should both play off the energy and atmosphere created by the song itself, as well as enhance it. A music video brings a song to life. Now the audience can not only hear it but see it. Thus the experience should be that much more powerful and stimulating, similar to the sensation of seeing a good live performance of the song.

“Flesh Without Blood” is a song that NEEDS to be experienced with its music video. Everything about the video — the colors, the costumes, the cuts between shots, the camera movements, the dancing (god I love Grimes’ dance moves), the enthralling characters of Grimes’ own creation — everything is spot-on perfectly paired with the song.

And then there’s this kick. Do not even get me started on this kick.

MJ 4

I’ll admit, I may be a little biased. Grimes and I seem to be on the same wave-length of sorts. This video uses some of my favorite go-tos in creating my own art. The first being the mix of baroque (or Marie Antoinette-esque) fashion and aesthetics with that of modern day.

Marie Antoinette 4

I fell in love with this anachronism when I saw this photo from Sofia Copolla’s Marie Antoinette, and have been using it ever since. Thus, it only took me until the third frame of the “Flesh Without Blood” video for the orgasms to start bursting.

The second thing that really got me with this video was the use of blood. I just really like blood, especially combined with pretty, delicate things. It’s something natural, primal, colorful. It’s just cool. ‘Nuff said.

Screechy Bat 3

I realize this post, this “review” if you will, is really just a subjective rant as opposed to an in-depth look at the mechanics that make “Flesh Without Blood” such an awesome video and song. And perhaps after my inner fangirl has had even more time to chill (**it hasn’t after a month**), I’ll be able to analyze the video instead of just be mesmerized by it.

But I’ve always felt that those things which move me the most are often the most difficult to break down and put into words that don’t just sound like dreamy blabber. And while I do love to analyze, I’ll also argue that, especially when it comes to art, sometimes objective analysis just isn’t worth breaking the worthwhile trance something holds over you. Props to Grimes for putting me in such a state.



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