Orgasms. Orgasms Everywhere! (Of the Artsy-Fartsy Kind)

**Wrote this a month ago and forgot to post it… The orgasms are still just as strong though.**

Have you ever gotten a shock of inspiration so strong, so brilliant and beautiful that it sends your chest pounding, fills you with a fast, rosy heat, sends your brain racing with bizarre brilliant thoughts?

It fills you with such passion, such adrenaline, you lose your appetite, forget the time, halt the work you’re doing. You want nothing more than to crawl up into this inspiration, to curl up and then unravel; and flourish within it, as a part of it.

You want nothing more than to create and create, and do nothing else but create wonderful things. You don’t even know what. You need — NEED — to move your hands, to work them, to roll your fingers around something tangible when it’s in your grasp, powered by your touch.

You need to create, to ignite the world  with something of yourself and this wonderful inspiration that is now a part of you.

Demon 2

Yeah. That’s the rush of emotion and energy that elf-shot itself through me when I watched the music video for “Flesh Without Blood” by Grimes.

Or, as I originally described it, artsy-fartsy orgasms of THE MOST INTENSE kind. Seriously. Like a volcanic eruption of orgasms all over my living room. I officially deem Grimes the Hitachi Magic Wand of pop music.

Screechy Bat 2

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Give Me Freedom AND Give Me Underwear

I like to think I keep things pretty real on this little blog of mine. I may not keep things lively (almost two months since my last post…), but I definitely keep it real. Quality over quantity, right?

Thus I should probably go ahead and make the confession, (if you haven’t figured it out already) I kind of completely hate the internet. Not a fan. People waste way too much precious time and energy on it, especially when most of its content is repetitive and useless, built upon attention-hungry individuals and their stupid shit.

(*Remember, this is the majority of the Internet. Doesn’t mean there aren’t also plenty of delightful beacons of light out there amidst all the shit.)

Seriously though, I am like the closest thing to being a Luddite that you can get without completely despising technology.

Thus, I hope you’ll excuse my lack of digital involvement from time to time. Just too busy reading and adventuring, ya know?

However I recently read a nice little book that made me reevaluate my strenuous relationship with cyberspace, and recognize the — dare I say it — beauty it can bring into millions of people’s lives.

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#BooksNotBullets, and Another Reason Why Malala is Awesome

Happy belated birthday, Malala! I may be a couple days late with this post, (what’s new?) but I could only consider it blasphemous were I not to post something about #BooksNotBullets.

Thankfully I didn’t miss the bookish and inspiring festivities all across the web this past Sunday. For those of you who still haven’t caught on, Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai posted the following on the Malala Fund website, as promotion for her unique way of celebrating her 18th birthday on Sunday July 12:

Post a photo of yourself holding up your favorite book and share why YOU choose #BooksNotBullets – and tell world leaders to fund the real weapon for change, education. We’ll use them on Malala Day to show world leaders that the public wants global education to be a top priority.

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Don’t Look. See.

I’m not really into reading “how-to” books. Partly because I’m one of the curious kind who enjoys learning and exploring and figuring things out on my own. Also partly because I’m flat out stubborn as a petulant (but very cute) little mule. Need I even mention the sweet, immaculate gifts from God: Google and Youtube. Not to mention the other endless internet sources and apps created for our convenience, to teach us anything or serve as a quick fix for any problem under the sun that we might have? Who the hell needs an instruction manual long enough and with the nerve to actually call itself a book?

And then one day, browsing all the books that I really don’t need to be buying right now on Amazon, something caught my eye. “READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO TAKE GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS” flashed across my screen, and my interest immediately piqued.

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Happiness is a Walk with Your Dog

This post is a little overdue. But alas, so is everything in my life. I do have my priorities straight, though, and the annual Kentucky Human Society Waggin’ Trail is by all means near the top of that list. The walk in support of the wonderful no-kill shelter was held on May 16 at the Waterfront Park here in Louisville. And even the clouds and rain and river mist couldn’t keep the hundreds of supporters and their puppy dogs (and even a ferret) from attending the event.

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